Cookie Cruncher Version 1.02

v1.02 focuses on end game bug fixes, promotional code integration, and adding a Christmas flair


  • SNOW! It is now snowing in Cookie Cruncher Land. Turn off the snow at any time via the settings window. and toggle off “SNOW”

  • Promo Code Integration: Cookie Cruncher will now do giveaways and handouts with promo codes that either produce packs or themes for free!

  • Featured Slots in the Design Store have been updated to fit the Christmas season


  • Fixed End Game Bug: During the ending the “Total Time Played:” displayed zero for most players.

  • Fixed Resolution Change Bug: During play some Android players would change resolution and their background image speed multiplied x100.


  • Optimized the Background and News Scroll speed setting to add a more fine tune in customizing the speeds for both.

  • Optimized Speeds for iPad and Tablet: Tablets now have accurate background and news scroll speeds that are synonymous with the phone version.