Cookie Cruncher Version 1.03

V1.03 focuses on patching bugs that arose in our previous version’s graphical updates.


  • Particles have now been scaled to HD textures for our new Snow feature

  • Fixed background movement bug that caused it to not loop or reset during gameplay

  • Fixed news scroll bug that prevented the news to be displayed more than once

  • Fixed save/load bug that prevented very specific upgrades from being saved after acquired

Contact us if you run into any further bugs or issues

Cookie Cruncher Version 1.02

v1.02 focuses on end game bug fixes, promotional code integration, and adding a Christmas flair


  • SNOW! It is now snowing in Cookie Cruncher Land. Turn off the snow at any time via the settings window. and toggle off “SNOW”

  • Promo Code Integration: Cookie Cruncher will now do giveaways and handouts with promo codes that either produce packs or themes for free!

  • Featured Slots in the Design Store have been updated to fit the Christmas season


  • Fixed End Game Bug: During the ending the “Total Time Played:” displayed zero for most players.

  • Fixed Resolution Change Bug: During play some Android players would change resolution and their background image speed multiplied x100.


  • Optimized the Background and News Scroll speed setting to add a more fine tune in customizing the speeds for both.

  • Optimized Speeds for iPad and Tablet: Tablets now have accurate background and news scroll speeds that are synonymous with the phone version.

Cookie Cruncher Version 1.01

Patch Notes for Version 1.01 for Google Play and Apple App Store

v1.01 focuses on user experience and fluidity of play in its early stages.


  • Fixed Tutorial displaying after completing it

  • Fixed Trophy display at wrong time (displayed at 15k taps instead of 25k)

  • Fixed missing fonts during Events

  • Fixed In-Game Notifications displaying in wrong order

  • Fixed typos in News Scroll

  • Changed Tap Amount Trophies to be easier to acquire


  • Fixed Android asking for permissions that do not relate to game content

    • Some permissions may still display depending on version number


  • Fixed App Store display to showcase on all devices

  • Optimized loading screen to prevent most crashes

Cookie Cruncher RELEASE!

Cookie Cruncher v1.0 is live on Google Play and Apple App Store!

Get it right now for FREE on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Tablet. Cookie Cruncher will always be Free to play and free from ads. Also keep your eyes out for massive updates coming in the near future. You can view what’s in store for the game here.

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Cookie Cruncher features an in-app Design Store where you can buy different backgrounds and cookies to display and eat during your cookie annihilation! These purchases support the entire team behind Cookie Cruncher and all the artists.

Invite your friends! Cookie Cruncher features Multiplayer where you can team up with your friends and destroy cookies together, sharing in the amount of cookies destroyed!

Thank you for all your support throughout development.