About Us

Fatal Studios is an upcoming video game development studio. Our drastic range of games and talent is our trademark.

Out now and free is our simple yet charming cookie destruction game for all mobile devices; Cookie Cruncher.

With publisher interest and ongoing development is our immersive story-driven RPG; Grayscale. Free demo available now!

Currently in early development is the chaotic, disaster prep, strategy-simulation game for PC and MAC coming to Early Access Spring 2019.

We are a small team of passionate gamers that have been charmed by the story-telling ability video games have. Each game we make is one we desperately want to play.

Our team has a wide range of experience coming from backgrounds in film and tv production to encryption and digital security.

Fatal Studios is seeking Publishers & Developers that are interested in partnering for current and future games. If you are interested or want to learn more contact us here or email: